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- Currently Finishing Watercoloring Process

2017-03-16 09:13:27 by ThreadstoTwelve

Well I have uploaded some of my recent and nonrecent art, and now I will go and finish my entry for Jazza's Lord of the Rings meets Harry Potter challenge. I am very excited to finish this as it is the first finished piece I will have done in years. Also, I challenged myself with this piece on composition, perspective, character porportions, clothing ripples, and I have used watercolors for the first time here. Usually I use colored pencils but I thought trying out a new medium that might be faster would help with the time limit, and luckily it has. I am a bit proud of myself, seeing as it is my first time using watercolors. One day I hope I can get some copic markers for their vibrancy. But for now until I can actually get something from my art that allows me to buy things, I have to stick with the cheap alternatives. 


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