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Fantasy Drawing Keywords?

2017-03-17 11:14:58 by ThreadstoTwelve

I react pretty well to keywords of fantasy things to start drawing a new picture. If you want to leave me some keywords for me to imagine a picture from please do! (I am in the middle of a move from Ohio to Colorado soon though, so it might take me a little time)

Right now I am working on a lot of things like clothes dynamics, and I need to practice men, because while I can draw faces well now (I believe) my bodies need work. As a woman it's hard to know what different men body type might look like. So maybe give me some masculine keywords? Thanks!


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2017-03-17 11:42:28

A wizard in a dandelion field.

ThreadstoTwelve responds:

Thanks so much, wasn't expecting a response so quickly. I have one other project to get to work on and after that I will use your keywords. <3


2017-03-17 11:58:50

under water world with a misterious presence ^_^
(mabey you want to use that idea)

ThreadstoTwelve responds:

That's awesome, thank you!