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I am a self taught artist, I have never taken any classes. I have drawn since I was very young however, mostly just doodling comic portrayals of my friends and having a dream to be a cartoonist. One day I hope I can meet my dreams.

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Posted by ThreadstoTwelve - July 12th, 2017

I feel I have a problem.

I have never sold an art piece, no matter how hard I've tried. I have had people come to me and tell me "Will you do this for me, I will buy it." I will do the piece, show them rough drafts along the way, and they will vanish and never mention the projects again. Like a tattoo for an old school friend. I finished it, he said "The colors could they be more red?" So I changed to a different red, and he never spoke to me again to this day.

I just had a friend tell me to draw her holding a poppy, to represent her coming daughter's name, and then she closed her Facebook account two weeks later, to everyone.

I've had someone else ask for a tattoo and then never speak of it again.


Does this mean I am a bad artist? I feel like I should quit. Every time I do the art people request, they never buy it and have wasted my time and efforts. What do I do instead? How do I get a following? How do I get classes to practice? I feel like a fool that doesn't even belong living anymore, to be honest. This is my last hope and if it doesn't work out, I think I couldn't sink any lower in my depression.


Is there any community here at all I can talk to to feel better? Thanks.



Posted by ThreadstoTwelve - March 17th, 2017

I react pretty well to keywords of fantasy things to start drawing a new picture. If you want to leave me some keywords for me to imagine a picture from please do! (I am in the middle of a move from Ohio to Colorado soon though, so it might take me a little time)

Right now I am working on a lot of things like clothes dynamics, and I need to practice men, because while I can draw faces well now (I believe) my bodies need work. As a woman it's hard to know what different men body type might look like. So maybe give me some masculine keywords? Thanks!

Posted by ThreadstoTwelve - March 16th, 2017

Well I have uploaded some of my recent and nonrecent art, and now I will go and finish my entry for Jazza's Lord of the Rings meets Harry Potter challenge. I am very excited to finish this as it is the first finished piece I will have done in years. Also, I challenged myself with this piece on composition, perspective, character porportions, clothing ripples, and I have used watercolors for the first time here. Usually I use colored pencils but I thought trying out a new medium that might be faster would help with the time limit, and luckily it has. I am a bit proud of myself, seeing as it is my first time using watercolors. One day I hope I can get some copic markers for their vibrancy. But for now until I can actually get something from my art that allows me to buy things, I have to stick with the cheap alternatives. 

Posted by ThreadstoTwelve - March 14th, 2017

I can't find the about me section, but hey, my name is Cait. I am a self taught artist, I have never gone to school or taken any classes. At most, I watch YouTube video tutorials to adapt my own style into techniques I see others do. I have drawn since I was very young however, mostly just doodling comics and comic versions of people I knew. I would love to have a career with art but I have very bad emotional disorders that hinder me, and my confidence is about 0. I am trying my best to get started at the age of 25 and hopefully something here can help me.


If you would like to talk, message me! I am new to this site and need some network and community. Thanks!